1. Lost

From the recording Broken from Binary

Writers: Weerts/Kern (ASCAP)
Publisher: 808 Multi Media Publishing (ASCAP)


Looking for pleasure, all I found was misery
A slave to my desires, I am no longer free
I cared only for myself and thought of no one else (sometimes that’s the way it is)
How much that I have lost, I can no longer tell (but who really gives a shit)

I was here just a minute before
I wasted away my core
Can I come back, can I rebound
Am I lost or found?

Everything is wrong, a mess and insane
No comfort to know that I'm to blame

Ready to take on the world but the world, it took me down
Leaving me hollow, echoes of who I was resound
I tried to be number one ending as second best (the failure of my success)
Living only for today is great if you're oblivious (I could care less what comes next)


So lost

Demons, angels, in my happy Hell
Pulling both ways, I can't escape
The good, the bad, the ugly I am
What's done is done that fact remains


So lost