1. What it is

From the recording Broken from Binary

Writers: Weerts (ASCAP)
Publisher: 808 Multi Media Publishing (ASCAP)


Baby don't be trippin’, you're at it again
You know I need that space to be me and rock it, rock it
The sky above ain't fallin’, it won't crush your world
Venus seems so far away, bring it back girl

It is what it is but I'm glad it's you

Over and under with you
Up and down and around
Time and time again with you
It's the best, I confess
Take a drive down memory lane to find your way back home
It is what it is with you

Oh Hell yeah your boys back at it again
Guess who that is at your door knockin’, knockin’
Cause I know your stressin’ and need some TLC
So I'm headin’ back from Mars to L. O. V. E.


Sometimes what is wrong is what is right
It has to be the day before it falls into night
Life is a rollercoaster hold on tight
Cuz you're the only one I want on this ride