1. Memories

From the recording Broken from Binary

Writers: Weerts (ASCAP)
Publisher: 808 Multi Media Publishing (ASCAP)


How could the
Smiling, feelings darken and fall away
Apathy and secrecy your way to disengage
Lying, cheating why are you so damn greedy
Faking, mistaking dreams for reality

Is it only about you?
Remember that I'm here too
Is it only about you?

I have you to thank for the memories
Gifts that keep on giving are forever mistakes to me
But hey, you wouldn't have it any other way
Than to think of only yourself and runaway

You are so
Confused, failing to force me in your mold
Angry and blaming, you are losing control
Twisting, turning, stability departs
Broken promises, it’s tearing me apart

Is it always about you?
Relationships do take two
Is it always about you?


You're an emotional sheet of glass
The slightest stress and you shatter and crack
Each shard a memory of our past
It’s comforting your next dance won't last
But it’s only about you