1. American Hero

From the recording Broken from Binary

Writers: Weerts (ASCAP)
Publisher: 808 Multi Media Publishing (ASCAP)


Where's that dude like in the movies
Called upon for honor and duty
Man of action, hard to kill
Mercenary who shoots for thrills

Violence and force to transcend
These are his means to the moral end

We need a super hero - the end is in sight
Can he save our lives tonight before the end of time ignites/before we fail and lose the fight/before we enter end of life
American hero - He's the savior of society
American hero - He's a danger to society

Independent operator
Covert action, infiltrator
Dis-trusting of all the rest
He is the best of the best

Iron fists to apprehend
These are his means to the moral end


Out of control and on a mission
A degenerate with tunnel vision
Dark and complex an emotional divide
He is so conflicted deep inside
No one comprehends the pieces at hand
Of the puzzle that makes up this man
Outcast, withdrawn, isolated
He is everything that we've created