1. Drive

From the recording Broken from Binary

Writers: Weerts/Thompson (ASCAP)
Publisher: 808 Multi Media Publishing (ASCAP)


Pedal to the metal, the engine roars
Adrenaline rush that rocks the core
The tires break free, smoking and spinning
A one track mind that's bent on winning

Illegal racing, asphalt battlefield
The clock is ticking, there is no time to yield
The miles are clocked, the end draws near
Accelerate and shift into gear

The intensity steals away my breath
Winning or losing is life or death

Drive - the struggle to survive
The finish line determines who lives and who dies
This is why I drive

Across the country, strangers start to ride
Unknown to each other, truth and lies collide
Prisoners and slaves to the road
The deadline approaches as the mystery unfolds


Roadblocks and traps, it’s no accident
They have infiltrated the government
Abuse their power - abduction and arrest
Partners separate, alliances are tested