1. Kill Site

From the recording The One Within

Writers: Weerts/Thompson (ASCAP)
Publisher: 808 Multi Media Publishing (ASCAP)


A slave to the system, a pawn in the game
A puppet for the one who has no name
Pedal and push the drugs that make me rich
When you fall to the cops I don't exist

Follow the plan, do as your told
No way out, your bought and sold
No where to run, its as you fear
Cross the system and you'll disappear

I am your nightmare
I can make you disappear
The judge, the jury
I'm the executioner

Dump the surveillance, leave it on the street
Draw the heat away before we meet
Know the locations and the routines
These are the places you shouldn't be


The victims are random, they pay the price
No one can hear them, taken out of the way
The kill site is never the same place twice
Move the body to a different place to decay