1. Redemption

From the recording The Repo Session

Writers: Weerts/Kern (ASCAP)
Publisher: 808 Multi Media Publishing (ASCAP)


I take back my life
I shatter your control

For years I’ve been kept, down in this hole
Beaten and battered, crushing my soul
Undeserving of this punishment
That you call my life, full of excrement

All my tears will not go
Forgotten, unaccounted for
You will feel my vengeance
Now you are my whore

Redeem redeem, I redeem redeem
I free myself
Redeem redeem, I redeem redeem
Release my hell

Your perception of reality
Is a polar image of what I see
Your value system is sadistic
Manipulative and terroristic

You have lost control of me, I
Finalize the death of this
Poisoness fruit of your toil
Twisted love, our relationship


No more