1. Second Coming

From the recording The Repo Session

Writers: Weerts/Kern (ASCAP)
Publisher: 808 Multi Media Publishing (ASCAP)


In the garden the spirit is crushed
I agonize what’s to come but I know that I must
They come for me now, to arrest and accuse
Of blasphemy - They know not what they do

Abandoned by you
Abandoned by Him
I suffer for your sins

You watched me die
In front of your eyes
You watched me die
Again I will rise

Don't you want to see me on my knees
Don't you want to see if I'll bleed

Beaten and mocked, spat on and disgraced
Excruciate, I suffocate for days
You stare as I hang, blood drips from my crown
Disfigured and lifeless, I've laid my life down


What have I done to deserve this and why have I been forsaken
Echo my name, follow my way, in my death you'll find salvation


Don't you want to see that I'll bleed