1. Backlash

From the recording The Repo Session

Writers: Weerts/Thompson (ASCAP)
Publisher: 808 Multi Media Publishing (ASCAP)


This is how its gonna be girl
You said your peace, your words cut like a knife
This is how I'm gonna be girl
Your yesterday's news and out of my life

You came to me with angel's wings
To lift me from my bottomless pit
The intended venom of your sting
was the kiss i could not resist

What was your intention
When did the tables turn
Where did you think you'd take me
Who did you think would burn

If you play with fire, your gonna get burned
Its what you desire but now its my turn
This is what you wanted
This is what you needed
...you got what you deserve

I was completely unaware
that your halo hid your horns
That kiss would suck the life from me
Our passion was still born