1. Muevete

Writers: C Weerts/M Weerts (ASCAP)
Publisher: 808 Multi Media Publishing (ASCAP)


Come this way, escape the day to dance with me
Close to me move your body, feel the heat

Come on boy take it to the dance floor
Move your body, let your energy flow
Don't stop now boy you better be sure
I like it like that c'mon give me some more

Mamita bonita
Hips shaking like a freak yeah
Back it up drop and pop all up on me
Stepping to ya, gotta move ya
That red dress wrapped around ya
Like a bull charging full on at ya

Now we wine, bump and grind, I'm so tight behind
We feeling, hearts beating, we gonna go all night

Dance all night let yourself be free
Come closer put your body on me
Feel the fire when you grind with me
C'mon boy give me the heat


La marcha, movida, fiesta, muevete
La marcha, movida, fiesta, back it up

Me encanta cuando bailamos toda la noche
No puedo esperar a bailar contigo cuando me tomas en tus brazos y abrazame cerca de tu cuerpo