1. Virus

From the recording Journey to the Otherwise

Writers: Weerts (ASCAP)
Publisher: 808 Multi Media Publishing (ASCAP)


Dormant and waiting, virulence gaining
Hungry for a host
Ambush from vectors, bound for receptors
Unseen until diagnosed
Dark and twisted, genetically different
Code for my creation
Once inside, the cells divide
Completing my invasion

Spreading illness mild to severe
Making you fear everyone near

Parasitic king wearing my crown
Biological evil terroristic louse
I'm this filthy virus - I am the...virus

The infection directs a series of steps
To replicate me
Like a machine, assembling copies
Factory of disease
Living a pipe dream chasing a vaccine
You race against time
Dissecting my genes while I am eating
My victims alive

I'm this filthy virus

Outbreaking globally
Pathogenesis, molecular nemesis
Locking down your country
Quarantine, isolation causing madness
Crushing your economy
Unemployment, depression, shortages, recession
Crippling your society
Life at a distance is evanescent existence

Hide in your home, hide from one another
No social interaction, humanity smothered

I'm this, I'm this, filthy, filthy, virus