1. Sunny Day

From the recording Journey to the Otherwise

Writers: Weerts/Kern (ASCAP)
Publisher: 808 Multi Media Publishing (ASCAP)


Looking at the bright blue sky
I have no worries, can’t you see why?
I make my own rules, do what I please
Another sunny day for me

Was that thunder? No, not rain
Empty radar, forecast is true
Crazy man on that hill, warning us of flooding rain
What’s he building?

Could it be I’ve got it all wrong?
I've been hiding from the world all along
Who wants to believe the world is insane?
I think I understand why it might rain


Is my life about me? Or's it about someone else?
Don't I have liberty to do everything for myself?
The worldly wise say you need to make your own way
That you’ve got to create your own sunny days
But if all you can see is rain
You wonder why everyone is in so much pain

Wading now, I wish I learned to swim
What are the chances He’ll let me in?
I knock, knock, knock, will the door open?
One poor lost soul that's still hoping

That was thunder, too much rain
Empty radar, forecast a lie
That prophet from that hill, I wish I would have listened
Now it’s too late