From the recording Journey to the Otherwise

Writers: Weerts (ASCAP)
Publisher: 808 Multi Media Publishing (ASCAP)


Hey there, it's nice to meet you, c'mon and sit here and conversate with me
The brown of your eyes, the color I memorize, creates a warm connection
Gazing, mutually at each other, we talk for hours, you lean in closer to me
The white of your teeth, the color underneath your smile brings calm

But I know a storm rages towards me

I want your love, give it to me
I crave your touch
You're never enough, give you to me
You're never too much

Last call, the end of the night, but does it feel right for us to be denied
The red on your lips, the color I can't resist, shaken with passion
Whisper into my ear it's crystal clear this isn't goodbye
Undressed, the color of you I can confess exactly my intention

You are a hazard aiming straight at me


I desire all of your colors - I am your canvas
Paint over me like an artist
Stay in the lines or mix them together - make a mess with your brush
Better to have more of your color than not enough