From the recording Electric Rodeo

Reimagining their 2002 hit "Rodeo", "Rodeo (Striptease)" is down-tempo electronica with raw rock elements and seductive vocals by CAELA as she croons the finer things in the performance of a dancer.


You can be my cowgirl
Saddle up mama and climb aboard
I can be your cowboy
I want you to ride inside my rodeo

Step on the stage where I'm free and uncaged
Perform for all to see like I'm hot and horny
Like sex in the morning, I'm dirty but you want it
You can't help but stare, I don't even care

This ain't my first rodeo
This ain't my first time doing a show
I'm going to saddle and ride the bull
Like I want to ride inside your rodeo
I want you to ride inside my rodeo

Undressed in darkness
Warm and wet, not too slow
It’s time to get you off
When you ride inside my rodeo

Like a dangerous weapon, don't blink for a second
Move like a ninja, almost criminal
At any moment I could go off on those closest
Pop the champagne, now make it rain