From the recording Enemy of the State EP

"Enemy of the State" is a song about oppression from a tyrannical government, ravening for freedom and whispers that grow into rage and revolt. It is an anthem for revolution. Futuristic and dystopian, "Enemy" plods forward like a machine with industrial electronic beats, heavy bass and rioting guitars. This song is inspired by the geopolitical dark ages the world has seen in recent times.


Listen to the wind, can you hear the sound of change?
Whispers in your ear, unrest becoming rage

We stand before you now
Broken beaten wanting freedom from underneath your iron thumb
Reeling we wonder how
It happened and that we missed it - you got control of the system

Your arrogance is your weakness, self-serving and gluttonous, corrupt and unprincipled
It matters not - the last domino falls

Strike out - we are rebellion
Our song is the wind of revolution
We rise on the hands of fate
We are enemies of the state


How did we arrive here?
Cheering 4 horse man as they ride, traded rights for shackled fake life
Deceived by partial blue truths
Lies that lead sheep to insanity yet the sheep have learned to sing


Enemy of the State