From the recording Enemy of the State EP

"Operation G.I.T.M." is a song about espionage. In the battle against the state to restore sovereignty to the enslaved, the resistance launches "Operation G.I.T.M." But agents of the state are closing in... High-energy, intense and volatile, it smashes through with pounding off-beat rhythms, menacing guitars and spitfire vocals. The song features Australian vocalist Honey B Sweet who swoops in as a double agent - a Swallow who sabotages the operation with her vocal delivery of attitude and swagger.


[Honey B Sweet Refrain]
I’m coming in hot, drippin all black
Can’t trust no one, eyes on my back
Glock on my hip, gloss on my lips
Pants real tight yeah you can see the lips

The Company put me agent on top
Covert black op at the dead drop
Collecting counter intelligence
Commence impossible mission
Save the world from evil malevolence

Disinformation, manipulation
Traps and tradecraft avoiding blowback

I'm not throwaway, evade and escape
If my covers blown I'll bang and burn
Then I’m on my own


Target ID’d, trigger in place
Infiltrate, playback, move for the take
Stay clean, turn gray, make no mistakes
Danger’s too great, exfiltrate
Compromised - I’ve been ratted out by the mole


[Honey B Sweet]
I’m coming in like a Swallow, swoop from above
All black from the shoes to the gloves
Got a bag full of tricks I ain't gonna trade
Can’t trust nobody in this game
I got you caught in my Honeytrap
Now you ain’t getting your honey back
You might think this love but it’s a lie
Gonna take to the grave til I die
Might kiss, might fuck you
Might rob you, might cut you
Don’t worry bout the secrets I keep
Yeah I get what I want and I keep it real discreet