GHOST IN THE MACHINE releases Rodeo (Striptease) Official Music Video - June 28, 2023


"Rodeo (Striptease)" is a sultry reimagining of the band's 2002 hit, "Rodeo". The tempo has been chilled, and raw rock elements have been added to an electronica groove. Seductive vocals by Caela croon about the finer things in the performance of a dancer. The song retains the trademark elements of the original, and it is clear that "Striptease" is born of it. 

The music video is a combination of visualizer, morphing images, and video clips of dancers and acrobats. Digital horses gallop in from the electronic frontier, giving the feel of a modern Old West where Ghost in the Machine roams. 

"Rodeo (Striptease)" is rebellious throbbing dirty darkwave for modern wild west pioneers who find their own way.



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